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Timing is of the essence if you think you've been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease. Make an appointment with STD Clinic of Alexandria for immediate STD testing, including HIV. Everything is handled in a confidential manner.



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Don't Ignore the Symptoms

In some cases there are no symptoms. When symptoms occur, they vary depending on the disease. 
Major symptoms include:

  • Chlamydia - urinary burning, penile or vaginal discharge (50%-75% cases have no symptoms)

  • Gonorrhea-vaginal discharge, pelvic pain, fever after several weeks for women and penile discharge and urinary pain for men.

  • HIV-early symptoms of flu like illness or late symptoms such as immune system dysfunction with severe infections, fatigue and weight loss.

  • Syphilis-Painless sore, non-itchy rash can appear several months later or late stage with destruction of multiple organs including nervous system.

  • Herpes (HSV)- viral skin infection causing blisters and painful ulcers. Symptoms often recur. You can carry the virus without symptoms.

  • Hepatitis B- may have no symptoms or may experience nausea, jaundice or dark urine. Vaccine available.

  • Hepatitis C- Most people have no symptoms. Those who do develop symptoms may have fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite, and yellowing of the eyes and skin.

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